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nominalism and realism volume 1 universals and - this is a study in two volumes of one of the longest standing philosophical problems the problem of universals in volume i david armstrong surveys and criticizes the main approaches and solutions to the problems that have been canvassed rejecting the various forms of nominalism and platonic realism, history of african philosophy internet encyclopedia of - history of african philosophy this article traces the history of systematic african philosophy from the early 1920s to date in plato s theaetetus socrates suggests that philosophy begins with wonder aristotle agreed, the possible and the actual readings in the metaphysics - the possible and the actual is one of the best if not the best readers in the metaphysical of modality it is comprised of 15 different essays 12 of which have been previously published, i don t want to be friends with my coworker surprise - lawyer february 22 2018 at 11 07 am not if you re just asking someone to tell sally she has to leave and then hand the situation over to professionals if it escalates but the hand the situation over to professionals is key i so often see people advise asking a big strong friend to serve as an impromptu bouncer if wedding crashers are expected seriously hang out on wedding, languagehat com david foster wallace demolished - i was attacking dfw s long harper s essay on usage in a comment on mefi today and the more i thought about it the madder i got and i finally couldn t resist letting him have it at length wallace s long long article pretends to be a review of bryan garner s a dictionary of modern american usage but that s just the pretext for yet another in the endless series of rants about