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architecture of karnataka wikipedia - the kadambas of banavasi were the ancient royal dynasty of karnataka from 345 to 525 and made a significant early contribution to the architectural heritage of karnataka dr g m moraes opines that apart from using some unique features the kadambas incorporated a diversity of styles in their architecture kadamba architecture derived from their predecessors and overlords drawing upon, south asian arts britannica com - south asian arts the literary performing and visual arts of india pakistan bangladesh and sri lanka despite a history of ethnic linguistic and political fragmentation the people of the indian subcontinent are unified by a common cultural and ethical outlook a wealth of ancient textual literature in sanskrit pr krit and regional languages is a major unifying factor, monnuage voyages activit s choses que faire et o dormir - d couvrez les meilleures attractions que faire o dormir et les activit s dans des milliers de destinations au monde toutes recommand es par les voyageurs