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invasion of normandy wikipedia - the western allies of world war ii launched the largest amphibious invasion in history when they assaulted normandy located on the northern coast of france on 6 june 1944 the invaders were able to establish a beachhead as part of operation overlord after a successful d day the first day of the invasion allied land forces came from the united states britain canada and free french forces, francia the franks france burgundy italy germany - successors of rome francia 447 present kings and emperors of the franks france burgundy italy and germany introduction after the collapse of the western roman empire and the occupation of much of gaul by the franks roman power never returned far enough to come into conflict with the frankish kingdom except to an extent in the south of italy, massacres and atrocities of wwii in western europe - the tulle murders near limoges central france june 9 1944 the day before the massacre at oradour sur glane the ss murdered 99 men in the town of tulle in central france this was in response to activities by the local ftp resistance groups who had attacked and taken over the town, to honor our fallen - this page contains the stories of servicemen killed in action in the european theater of operation eto in world war ii this includes those killed in the north african and italian campaigns as well as the western and central european campaigns, military tour ww2 german american british canadian - we are continually striving to produce and procure the most authentic detailed and high quality products available for sale with original and reproduction products from ww1 and ww2 including german american british canadian and other allied countries, explorepahistory com stories from pa history - december 7 1941 franklin delano roosevelt said it was a day that would live in infamy americans alive at that moment can still more than a half century later recall vividly where they were when they heard the news that japanese aircraft had struck the united states pacific fleet s base at pearl harbor hawaii, history of united kingdom britannica com - in dentistry dentistry in 19th century europe in 1856 english dentist sir john tomes led the formation of the first dental organization in england the odontological society it was through the activity of this group that the royal dental hospital of london was established in 1858, milestones 1937 1945 office of the historian - lend lease and military aid to the allies in the early years of world war ii during world war ii the united states began to provide significant military supplies and other assistance to the allies in september 1940 even though the united states did not enter the war until december 1941