Bec The Demonata No 4 -

list of the demonata characters wikipedia - this is a list of characters found in darren shan s the demonata a series of books that follows protagonists grubbs grady dervish grady kernel fleck and bec macconn on their quest against lord loss and his demon minions, the demonata darren shan wiki fandom powered by wikia - the demonata is a series by best selling author darren shan it deals with the world of demons as opposed to his other series the saga of darren shan which deals with vampires the series is told by three different protagonists grubbs grady kernel fleck and bec the latter of which is the, kernel fleck darren shan wiki fandom powered by wikia - cornelius kernel fleck is the main protagonist of demon thief the second book of the series the demonata by darren shan and one of the three main characters in the series the name kernel was given as it is the closest he could pronounce his real name cornelius when he was young kernel, the wolves of welton winghorn press - is this meant for characters to start at level 2 and reach level 3 or would a party of 4 level 3s be good to go for this like liked by 1 person, the chessmaster all the tropes wiki fandom powered by - anime manga edit chessmaster vs chessmaster example light vs l in death note creating a gambit pileup to no end unlike most chessmaster stories this one usually lets the audience in on each move of the game