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history of detroit wikipedia - the city of detroit the largest city in the state of michigan was settled in 1701 by french colonists it is the first european settlement above tidewater in north america founded as a new france fur trading post it began to expand with british and american settlement around the great lakes in the nineteenth century and resource exploitation but industrialization drove its becoming a world, veterans of the civil rights movement history - the agriculture stabilization conservation service ascs as a general rule white farmers in the south are politically conservative they fiercely oppose taxes welfare government regulation of any kind and almost all non military expenditures except for federal agriculture subsidies, controlled access highway wikipedia - a controlled access highway is a type of highway which has been designed for high speed vehicular traffic with all traffic flow ingress and egress regulated common english terms are freeway in australia south africa and parts of the united states and canada motorway in the united kingdom pakistan ireland new zealand and parts of australia and expressway in some parts of canada